Jodi Siegel was born in Chicago, IL. The Home of the Blues! In the late 80’s she relocated to California and immediately began playing and singing in countless blues, R & B, pop and original music bands throughout Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles. Over the years Jodi has opened for and or shared the stage with many respected musicians including: Albert King, Robben Ford, Robert Cray, J.D. Souther, David Lindley, Fred Tacket and Paul Barrere (Little Feat) and countless others. Her songs have been recorded by Maria Muldaur (“So Many Rivers To Cross,” and “If I Were You”) Marcia Ball (“So Many Rivers To Cross.”) 

During her career, Jodi has combined a lifetime of musical influences (blues, pop, R & B, soul and jazz) into a sound and a style that make her a triple threat; songwriting, singing and guitar playing. Jodi’s fine-tuned solo performances are likened to a “one-woman” band!!  Her truly original style can fill a room with explosive slide guitar, jazzy vocals and a fun, easy going rapport with her audience. She can go from funky bluesy grooves to folk, to jazz and back again with ease. She’s an old soul with a fresh sound.  

Her new CD, “Wild Hearts,” produced by Steve Postell (Immediate Family, David Crosby), is filled with great songs, cool grooves, intimate, smart lyrics and some of the best of the best musicians in Los Angeles today including; Mike Finnigan (organ, piano), Hutch Hutchinson, Abe Laborial Sr. (bass), Russ Kunkel, Michael Jerome Moore, John Ferraro, Arno Lucas (drums, percussion), Joe Sublett (Saxophone) and Maxayne Lewis and Clydene Jackson (background vocals). Each song has a soulful delivery with an undeniable down-home elegance.  
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walter Trout on "wild hearts"

“What a remarkable piece of work. Masterful songwriting and beautiful soulful vocals and some of the finest musicianship I’ve heard anywhere. Her writing runs the gamut from funky blues to beautiful jazzy songs that to my ears could qualify as standards of the genre. Great slide playing too! I’ve known Jodi Siegel for decades and I’ve been waiting for this record. It’s a classic!!”

Mike Finnigan on "wild hearts"

“Jodi Siegel is no secret to many people who are attracted to honest, content-rich, American music.. She writes, plays, and sings the truth.  I had the pleasure of playing and singing on ("Wild Hearts")…I've worked with many great artists but I never had a more soulfully satisfying experience than I had with Jodi, these songs, and this stellar group of musicians. I don't know if these two words have ever been coupled before, but I'm gonna say "downhome elegance."

Leland Sklar on "Wild Hearts"

“Such a beautiful album  (Wild Hearts). Jodi is such a gifted musician and storyteller. Do your ears and soul a favor and check it out! I have had the great pleasure of working with Jodi. She is a wonderful singer, songwriter and performer. I always look forward to the opportunity of basking in her coolness! ya' Jodi.....all the best.”


Albert King 

In the late eighties, I was living in the Laguna Beach area of California. The music community during that time, greatly influenced me as a musician and as a creative human. The people that I met during this period are folks that I still know and consider friends. One of these musicians, Will Brady, who played bass with Honk for many years was my neighbor for many years and a great guitar player and singer/songwriter. Willy and I performed as a duo for many years. We played at a variety of clubs and even opened big shows for a few people. One of the most memorable shows we played was when we opened for the great Albert King at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, California. My longtime pal, Freebo, played bass with us for this show and it was a career highlight for us all. Following our opening slot, Albert King took the stage and proceeded to slay the audience in his usual way. He played a few songs as I hurried from the upstairs backstage area down to the main floor to see his show. Before too long, Albert was asking where I was, saying how much he loved my guitar playing. He then asked me to join him onstage to play with him and after picking my jaw up from the floor, I ran upstairs, grabbed my 1959 Gibson L5 guitar (with duct tape covering the f holes to stop the feedback), and ran down to play with him. I had quite a few friends from Tower Records and Orange County in the audience and they screamed and yelled; they were as excited as I was!! My friend Lisa Wohl managed to snap the only picture I have of the moment! Thank you Lisa! I can’t recall the song exactly, but I think we played “The Sky Is Crying.” He played it in Ab, and I learned later that he tuned his guitar down to get that cool sound he always had. After the show, we had a great visit and talked quite a bit about getting together again for shows. He even talked about us playing a show in San Francisco; I couldn’t find transportation to that show, so it didn’t happen. He gave me his phone number and I called him from time to time and he was incredibly encouraging to me, saying that I should be more famous that I was. He used to always call me Little Devil after a song that I had written called “She’s A Little Devil.,” that he really liked. His phone was one of the earliest portable phones I had seen (there were not that many back in those days), and he kept it in a suitcase. Sadly, he died less than a year after that show. I was heartbroken. And while I have heard stories from some of my other friends who have said less then favorable things about him (backstage stories), I cannot relate to those. He was always respectful and kind to me, and I treasured his friendship and even consider him a mentor. Miss you Albert!